6 Questions to Ask Property Agents When Selling a House

Ask Property Agents When Selling a House

Are you thinking of selling a house? As a homeowner, you know the effort it takes to own a house, for example, money, sacrifice or loans. It means you need to know what to ask property agents when selling the house. That’s because some agencies can be challenging after hiring them.

For instance, some may ignore your calls or refuse to give you updates on the selling progress or recent inquiries. Asking the right questions enables you to hire the best real estate agents. That allows you to compare their answers and quotes with others. This post gives you 6 questions to ask them.

What Platforms Will You Use To Market My House?

  • One important factor you should know is how the real estate agents will market your house. There are many platforms that they use to sell a house.
  • They include local newspapers, online websites and also local property listings. You need to hire those that use multiple platforms to sell your house fast.

Who Will Be In-charge Of Viewings?

  • When selling a house, bear in mind that some property agents prefer to handle the viewings.
  • Research has shown that those handled by agents tend to sell fast. You can also benefit by managing this process. That because it gives potential customers a process that’s relaxed and natural.

What’s Your Average Selling Time of Properties?

  • You need agents that sell a house fast. That’s because you could be planning to move to another location or abroad. Avoid the temptation of hiring those that promise quick house sales. That’s because they could end undervaluing your property to get fast commissions.
  • We buy any house that exceeds our agreed sell by date. That’s because we have a list of potential buyers in our database that can purchase it in future.

What’s Your Speciality in the Property Market?

  • Another question to ask is their area of specialisation in the property market. The reason is real estate agents have experience in either residential or commercial property.
  • As much as you need a quick house sale, you need those that understand the emotions that come with selling a house, for example, a family home.

What’s Your Percentage of Failed Transactions?

  • Some real estate agents price their homes on the higher side. That means that some of their deals fail to get completed. The reason is that potential buyers find other goods deals after making comparisons.
  • It means you should check their completion rate. That enables you to make timely house sales.

How Much Will Be Your Commission?

  • You also need to know the percentage of their fees. In most cases, they range from 1-3% of the total sale costs.
  • You should also try bargaining. There are many property agents. That means they start on a higher side to see how you respond.

Final Thoughts

Getting a quick house sale should be easier using the above guide. In our case, we buy any house that meets our standard requirements. That’s after reaching its sell by date on your agreements with us. It enables you to meet your schedule regarding selling your house.

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